Life At FE&C

As much success as we’ve had, we owe it all to our excellent staff.  It is our people – whether in the office or out on the field – that maintain the extraordinary atmosphere of dedication and professionalism that make our success possible.  They are our biggest strength.

So how does our staff add to the success of FE&C? 

We could tell you about our excellent safety record, our extremely low turnover rate, the family atmosphere, the fun perks, and the mutual respect cornerstone to our philosophy, but we think it would mean more coming straight from our amazing and talented staff.  Below is what it’s like to work for FE&C in a nutshell, in the words of a few of our employees, both craft and non-union, and in all different roles in the corporation.  We hope you’ll be as impressed by our people as we are.

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photo of Wayne Kruse

Wayne Kruse

Operator Foreman (Local 280)

How many years have you been with FE&C? 4

What projects have you worked on? 100F, 100B&C, 100H, IU2&6, and C7

Outside of work, what keeps you busy? Bowling and golf

Wayne came to FE&C when he was called in from his union hall, but after that, he says, he knew it was a good company to work for.  “I like the open door policy of management,” he says.  “If you have a concern, it is addressed.  And it feels like a family at FE&C.  It is very enjoyable to work in an atmosphere like this.” Since coming to FE&C, Wayne has done his part on many projects.  When asked what his favorite perk is about working here, he told us, “Wow, so many…safety luncheons, parties, and golf tourneys…”  Wayne is known around FE&C for being the guy that on Valentine’s day, made all the ladies’ day by delivering a roses to the women in the office.  “I enjoy being around people and love to laugh; it makes life fun.  My role is not unique, but I believe my attitude and work ethic has made a difference.”

photo of Shane Eng

Shane Eng


How many years have you been with FE&C? 6

What projects have you worked on?

Outside of work, what keeps you busy? Fishing, hunting, and spending time with my wife Becky and our two kids Taylor and Rhett.

Shane came to FE&C originally from the union as an operator.  “FE&C was a new business at the time I came in, it was a good chance to get in on a new company.”  His excellent performance and outstanding knowledge of rad work, experience, and leadership capabilities soon earned him a promotion to Superintendent at FE&C.  He now works directly for the project manager and manages all the labor and other workforce in the field on a given project.  As he tells us, “At FE&C, the sky’s the limit.  Everyone knows your name, and your career is really given a chance to grow.”  He takes pride in starting and finishing a project ahead of schedule and under budget, and helping the company develop.  When we asked him what he loves most about working for FE&C, he tells us, “I appreciate the safety culture, and the dedicated group of employees who look out for each other and take pride in their work.  FE&C is a standout company – truly business smart.  I appreciate the knowledge and experience level of employees here.”

photo of Douglas Blair and Jim Blair

Douglas Blair and Jim Blair

Teamsters (Local 690)

How many years have you been with FE&C? Doug 4, Jim 1

What projects have you worked on? Doug has been at 100F, 100BC, 100H, and IU2&6. Jim has been at 100D, 100H and IU2&6.

Outside of work, what keeps you busy? Brothers Doug and Jim live together with their two girlfriends. Doug is a single father with a 20 year old son now in the Navy who he has raised on his own since he was 4. He loves photography and the outdoors. Jim has two pitbulls, plays guitar, rides Harleys, and enjoys shooting, hunting and fishing, especially for sturgeon. He loves to acquire tattoos, and says he’s the most colorful guy he knows!

Doug joined FE&C when a fellow employee called and asked him to join the FE&C team.  He was living in Port Orchard at the time, and has been with the company ever since.  “It was the best move I ever made,” he says.  When asked what he loves most about working for FE&C, he says, “I love FE&C’s attention to detail to maintain a very safe work environment and how they treat their employees like family.  Keeping an eye on my fellow teammates to help keep them safe is a big thing for me.  I’m proud of our great safety record!”  He tells us that his favorite perk about working at FE&C is the attention to safety, the safety bonuses and gift cards, and “I can’t forget the Christmas party…it rocks!”  He says FE&C is unique because it is a company who actually cares about their employees and the employees’ concerns.  “There is great teamwork throughout the whole company.”  A few years into his career here, Doug recruited his brother Jim from the struggling economy in Western Washington and suggested he seek employment with FE&C.  His most amazing moment thus far was being on the response team following the discovery of a possible unexploded ordinance (C4 explosive) at 100H.  Says Jim, “I love feeling part of a team here – employees are empowered and listened to, and are not just a number.  FE&C maintains a great relationship with crafts.” 

photo of Duff Wonders

Duff Wonders

Health & Safety Officer

How many years have you been with FE&C? 2

What projects have you worked on? 200-UPR

Outside of work, what keeps you busy? Duff has been married 15 years and has two boys, ages 9 and 15. Hobbies including fishing, golfing, and camping.

Duff came to FE&C with a unique perspective.  “I have conducted oversight of FE&C projects at the Hanford site, and saw firsthand that it was a professional organization.  I have worked for organizations that safety was window dressing, but FE&C believes that safety is not a choice – it is expected from employees.  That philosophy is why I work for FE&C.”  As a health and safety officer, Duff’s role is to utilize various tools to sustain and promote a positive safety culture.  Duff sites the people as the thing he loves most about working at FE&C.  “The workers respect me and I respect them – as a health and safety officer, it is an amazing experience to be able to talk and people really listen,”  he says.  “People here are all professionally oriented.”

photo of Jeff Filip

Jeff Filip

Manager, Project Planning and Controls

How many years have you been with FE&C? 4

What projects have you worked on? United Kingdom projects assisting with finding creative D&D strategies for old Magnox reactors. Additionally, work on various technical services contracts.

Outside of work, what keeps you busy? Golf

Jeff brings senior level project management expertise to the various projects on which he is assigned to ensure that they are being accomplished within the performance parameters.  “Working with the FE&C staff that maintain a ‘can do’ attitude in a challenging environment is what I love most about working for FE&C,” he says.  “This is balanced with an emphasis on family priorities and taking care of the ‘home front’”.  As to what makes FE&C unique to other companies he has worked for in the past, he believes the excellent senior management has made all the difference.  Jeff appreciates the generous employee bonus program that awards project staff for work done safely and well.  He also appreciated the unique opportunity to work abroad in the UK, and cited it as the most amazing experience he has had at FE&C.

photo of Liz James

Liz James

Records Management Specialist

How many years have you been with FE&C? 2

What projects have you worked on? Since her promotion, Liz works on site at 100K. She was often on site at all projects in her previous position.

Outside of work, what keeps you busy? Keeping busy with her husband of 10 years, her dog, Sancho, and their 5 grandchildren in the Tri-Cities and 3 in Sacramento. She loves yard work and spending time with her family. She has always loved watching football games and never misses a Super Bowl Sunday.

Liz is a true people person, and everyone who works in the FE&C office knows how she can light up the room with her smile and her bright personality.  These people skills have served her well in her former FE&C role as office administrator and now come in handy in her current job as records management specialist on site at 100-K.  In this role, Liz works hard at keeping open communication with FE&C's on-site clients and craft personnel.  She is often busy in hands-on meetings with the site superindendent and craft.   "Working on site keeps me happy. Working with construction personnel is calming for me, and I enjoy seeing what happens on site on a daily basis" she says.  When she came to work for FE&C, she had heard from people she'd previously worked with that it was a great company, and she agrees.  "The management and I have a wonderful working relationship," Liz says.  "There is a true open-door policy at FE&C.  We communicate and handle situations when they happen, which means there are less work delays.  The salary and benefits are great too - I was awarded a bonus for an exceptional job well done and thanked for my team participation.  Other companies I've worked for only allowed management bonuses.  I feel truly valued here."  FE&C enjoys rewarding employees for a job well done and encouraging them to grow.