Federal Engineers & Constructors Announces Joint Venture with ISO-PACIFIC Remediation Technologies, Inc.

FE&C and ISO Pacific have embarked in an exciting joint venture in order to provide a highly effective, cost efficient and technologically superior methodology for site remediation,  that is set to minimize your waste stream, handling time, and financial outlay.

Press Release – Contract Award

Relyant Global and Federal Engineers and Constructors (FE&C) Awarded $5M Contract by US Army Corp of Engineers to Renovate the Atlantis Dormitory at Whiteman AFB, MO

Local Small Business Meets Safety Milestone

FE&C employees have recently reached the impressive milestone of performing more than 1 Million hours of work without a lost work day injury.

Press Release: US Department of Justice and Savage Logistics, LLC Settlement

Federal Engineers & Constructors is pleased to announce that the United States and Savage Logistics have agreed to dismiss all remaining claims asserted against FE&C in long running litigation originally filed in 2010.

Richland business gets $15M Hanford Cleanup Contract

FE&C is the primary remediation subcontactor underneath woman-owned business SageTec for execution of this contract. Congratulations to the entire SageTec team.

300 Trained at Oak Ridge Safety Fest

FE&C was a sponsor of this year's Safety Fest, as well as being a regular member of the planning committee for the Oak Ridge Safety Partnership (ORSP) responsible for planning quarterly safety forums.

FE&C Oak Ridge sponsors “Shop with the Cop” program

FE&C made a corporate donation to the Knoxville Sheriff's Department in order to sponsor the holidays for five children who have been displaced due to domestic violence.

$11 Million Subcontract Awarded to FE&C

FE&C has been awarded a $10.8 million subcontract for construction work to prepare a Category 2 Nuclear Facility for sludge retrieval from the Hanford K West Basin.

FE&C announces award of work to build category 2 nuclear facility at k basins

FE&C announced today that it has been awarded a $10.8 Million progect by CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company (CHPRC) to build a Category 2 Nuclear Facility in the K Basin area of Hanford.

Weapons Complex Monitor - Workers Dig Deep in C Reactor Cleanup

FE&C workers have dug up contaminated soil down to just shy of groundwater near Hanford's C Reactor in a new approach to cleanup.

Nuclear Decommissioning Report - Hanford’s “Big Dig”: Unique Challenges and Requirements

Hexavalent Chromium. For most of the world, people think of a carcinogen made famous by Erin Brockovich. But those two words in the remediation world produce respect and careful planning.

Workers dig deep to clean up contaminated soil at Hanford

Richland Companies Awarded Bid for Large Hanford Digs

Richland Company Hits Record Without Injuries

FE&C - Safe and ahead of schedule at 100-H

FE&C Wins Sub Contractor of the Year

2009 Region X Prime Subcontractor of the Year

Wash. Closure Finishes 618-7 Burial Ground

Washington Closure Hanford has finished cleaning up the 618-7 Burial Ground, one of the most hazardous Hanford burial grounds near the Columbia River.

$2.9M Hanford contract awarded to Colorado firm

Washington Closure Hanford has given a cleanup subcontract worth $2.9 million to Foothills Environmental Inc., a small, Hispanic-owned business in Golden, Colo.