Federal Engineers & Constructors Announces Joint Venture with ISO-PACIFIC Remediation Technologies, Inc.

RICHLAND, WA, -- September 10, 2018 – Federal Engineers & Constructors, Inc. (FE&C), an SBA certified Small Business, and specialist in high hazard environmental remediation and civil construction, and ISO-PACIFIC Remediation Technologies, Inc. (ISO), a woman-owned small business, and specialist in technology development for environmental remediation, have embarked in an exciting joint venture in order to provide a highly effective, cost efficient and technologically superior methodology for site remediation,  that is set to minimize your waste stream, handling time, and financial outlay.

The new joint venture, Innovative Remediation & Integrated Systems, LLC (IRIS), is created from a truly unique partnership between two specialists. IRIS leverages ISO-Pacific’s scientific rigor and platform development with FE&C’s 17 years of experience in demolition and excavation of HTRW/contaminated material, into a seamless package that provides several differentiators:

  • 3D mapping of buildings and complete mapping of foundations and soil
  • Waste minimization through directed demolition and excavation
  • Waste minimization through 100% assay of all materials and soil
  • Integration of technologically superior platforms and equipment

Both JV partners are highly experience, with more than a decade of expertise serving federal agencies, including Department of Energy, US Army Corps of Engineers and US Navy. IRIS will provide services and solutions under the primary NAICS CODE of 562910.

“We are truly excited about bringing together the capabilities of our two companies,” says John Reilly, Program Manager for IRIS.  “We have embarked on a campaign of identifying opportunities where we can make a real difference to the impact of remediation processes, to provide significant waste minimization through cutting-edge 3D mapping, directed demolition and excavation, assay, and separation of waste and non-waste.  This methodology is saving our Federal clients (currently the NNSA, the US Navy, DOE, and the USACE) millions of dollars over the traditional methods of clean-up, and providing them with data that they can stand by with confidence and conviction.”

“As a remediation and technology company, IRIS’ focus is using our scientific rigor to develop the best solution for each job that we commit to doing.  The great majority of our cash flow is spent in furthering our technology, and the beneficiaries of all that science are our clients,” said Lori Dillon, General Manager of IRIS.

About FE&C - FE&C is a Small Business headquartered Washington, specializing in remedial/removal action at HTRW contaminated sites and facilities, and an ability to bond up to $20M. Since 2001, FE&C has been involved in remediating more than two hundred sites similar to those anticipated under this contract, with 100% on-time, on-budget performance. As both a prime or subcontractor, FE&C has concurrently managed thirteen $7M-$35M projects at the Department of Energy’s 680-square mile Hanford site (WA), while also running a $19M demolition project in Canada.

About ISO-Pacific - ISO-Pacific is a certified women-owned small business headquartered next door to FE&C in Richland, Washington.  ISO was created to focus on the improvement of technology within the field of environmental remediation.  Their first major mark was the creation and mobilization of their material sorting platform, the S3.  The S3 has successfully sorted material on 4 continents, and the USACE, US Navy, US DOE NNSA, and various commercial clients.  ISO has also created mapping platforms, environmental analyzers and incorruptible software packages for use at sites all over the US.  One S3 machine is capable of sorting up to 200 tons per hour depending on the soil density and constituents.  Multiple units can be deployed to meet production demands. ISO has never had a safety incident and has always brought their jobs in on-time and on-budget.

Please visit us http://www.irisjv.com.

Contact Information:
John Reilly, Program Manager, (703) 869-8964, john.reilly@irisjv.com