Local Small Business Meets Safety Milestone

Federal Engineers & Constructors (FE&C) employees have recently reached the impressive milestone of performing more than 1 Million hours of work without a lost work day injury. This is the second time the company has attained this safety milestone since 2010. The achievement comes as a result of FE&C’s commitment to the safety of its employees and contractors through its implementation of a comprehensive safety and health program.

“Federal Engineers and Constructors, Inc. is to be congratulated as a firm performing hazardous work while maintaining an excellent safety and claim performance record,” said Doug Stewart, Chief Underwriting Officer at Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries office, in a written statement.

“The credit really goes to our employees, who have embraced the safety culture that has been critical to our success,” said Steve Klover, FE&C Vice President of Environmental, Safety, Health and Quality. “We are very appreciative of our clients who have trusted to award work to FE&C. We are dedicated to show our appreciation by giving back to them by performing quality work, done safely.”

FE&C has been performing construction, demolition, and remediation work on DOE sites for over 17 years, in highly hazardous environments including chemical, radioactive and biological contaminants, and has never had a radiation uptake, radiation overexposure, chemical overexposure or biological exposure to any employee, subcontractor or customer.